Invisible Hands makes sure that it abides by the idea of ‘contactless’ help. It is important to keep a safe space between volunteers and clients, so members of the group follow the Safety Guidelines adopted in order to keep direct contact to a minimum. Volunteers not only wear safety gear, such as masks and gloves but also deposit the items delivered behind the residents’ doors. Volunteers are encouraged not to accept cash and to be refunded by electronic payment such as Revolut.


  • avoid using public transport to get there
  • avoid crowded hours
  • wear disposable gloves
  • keep 2 meters away from everyone
  • accept only electronic payments (revolut / wire transfer)


  • avoid public transport, walk or prefer a personal vehicle (after disinfecting its surfaces with bleach)
  • phone/text the person to tell you are leaving the bags outside
  • back away 2 meters from the door to make sure they are taken
  • throw away your disposable gloves
  • wash your hands with hand sanitizer


  • phone/text the person telling no change would be given
  • bring two disposable bags, put one inside the other, fold the outer bag down to leave the inner exposed, leave them in front of the door
  • phone/text the person telling to put the money in the inner bag and go back in the house
  • without touching the inner bag, pull up the outer bag to enclose it, so that you can carry the bag without touching anything they touched
  • leave the bags outside, phone/text to confirm
  • back away 2 meters to make sure they are taken
  • throw away your disposable gloves, wash your hands with hand sanitizer